Sr. Ruby on Rails - Fullstack developer

Guillermo Siliceo Trueba - Puebla, México

12+ Years of experience, working as Backend and frontend software developer with business building vision. I work with other devs, hustlers, and UI/UX designers to make ideas become live code that delights the user.



 Everlyhealth: Senior Backend Engineer Jan 2022 — Feb 2023

As part of an architecture team I helped upgrade a large Ruby on Rails application. Then I became the team leader of four engineers in this team, I debugged six Rails, React, and Gatsby applications and also helped design and partially implement integration with a third-party vendor to save 200K USD a year.



With 90% of our applications using outdated versions of Ruby On Rails, the risk of being unable to receive security updates grows daily. It becomes harder to use new libraries and take advantage of the latest features of the framework.
I joined a backend Architecture Team to solve this problem for all our applications:

  1. My team increased the test coverage to 90% and reduced the test suite run time by half.
  2. My team upgraded to the next major Ruby On Rails version of our target applications.

To save around 200k USD a year, we changed our manufacturing and shipping vendor for a category of products.

My team modified the critical ordering placement process across multiple Ruby On Rails services to comply with the new vendor and achieve the expected savings.

Technologies: Jira, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, React, Gatsby, PostgreSQL, Spree commerce.

Tandem: CTO/Founder Nov 2017 — Dec 2021

Successfully Forked the (Ruby on Rails) Aliada codebase and transformed it to a B2B supply and cleaning services platform.



With a dwindling bank account and no compelling story for our investors to raise another round. We explored focusing on our most profitable clients: businesses.

Our largest customer payment process took a lot of effort and time and was error prone. We could streamline our process and, at the same time, raise the bar for competitors by integrating with the customer system.

Our customer used Mulesoft as a middleman between the vendors and their Workday ERP system.

To better match our customer's organizational hierarchy of responsibilities and give them more control of their purchases in our system, we implemented a two-role permissions system.

With a reduced tech department to 1 individual(me) it became a priority to minimize the systems we maintained, so we transferred responsibilities to the flexible and open-source Odoo ERP.

Technologies: Jira, Ruby on Rails, React, Apollo, GraphQL.

Aliada: CTO Jan 2015 — Nov 2018

Built a team of 5 developers implementing Scrum and Agile practices and with them grew the marketplace 10x.



After validating the marketplace for the home cleaning service business model with a cheap MVP the company tasked me with building a new backend API and frontend experience.

The company enjoyed accelerated growth in the second year of operations but we wanted to avoid over-hiring in customer support by automating as many processes as possible and by providing tools to empower our existing staff to do more faster.

To support the 10x company growth I was tasked with building a world class engineering team.

Technologies: Github Projects, Git, Github, Ruby on Rails, Knockout.Js, React.

Crowd Interactive: Backend Engineer Sept2014 — Jan 2015

Staff augmented the Zoobean team to work on the books-recommendations-for--children-platform built on Ruby on Rails.



The client wanted to give each user their subdomain while ensuring data isolation.

The client wanted to make sure that we were suggesting books according to the children’s age.

Technologies: Pivotal Tracker, Git, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

Bebitos: CTO April 2014 — Aug 2014

Software maintenance for Spree(a Ruby On Rails Engine) Merchant-based e-commerce with focus on conversion and operations tools development.



The site grew in the number of products exponentially during the first years of operation, but little work was done to improve the user experience up to that point.

Technologies: Pivotal Tracker, Git, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Memcache, Spree commerce

Bandtastic: CTO Jul 2011 — August 2014

Created and maintained the backend(on Django) and the frontend(jQuery) for a crowdfunding platform, the ticketing system, and spin-off for VIP tickets.



The whole idea of the company was to get fans together to bring their favorite artists to their cities. As the only engineer of the company I had the responsibility to implement the frontend and backend and any support systems.

We negotiated a deal with a partner that was impressed by our technology and wanted to use it for their own private concerts.

Technologies: Trello,, Git, Github, Django, Python, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Heroku

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